Confessions of a click-o-holic

Igor onces said this:

Imagine you’re shopping for high quality clicks on Facebook.

Some guy hits you up and promises you a great deal on clicks from his list.

He assures you he’s legit.

He flashes several glowing testimonials from industry leaders.

You say what the hell I’ll give this guy a shot.

You pay him. Give him a link. An email swipe. And you wait for your clicks.

The click start (although later than promised) and you’re getting 100% top tier traffic. Lots of optins. Tons. In fact, your squeeze page never converted this high with any other traffic source.

You’re excited.

Finally, you think, you’ve found a great traffic source you can scale.

You’ll be on top of the leaderboards in no time.

Keep reading, this gets better.

The solo ad’s done.

You’ve got tons of optins.

You’re waiting for your follow up to kick in. Those sign ups should be coming in any day now. Three days… nothing. 5 days… nada. Not even a complaint. 10 days… these leads are disturbingly quiet.

They don’t even unsubscribe.

You check your stats.

Opens are lower than usual.

Bounce rates are through the roof (the email bounces when it hits a dead inbox).

You’ve been scammed.

You paid for a dead list.

But wait… it gets worse.

You get an email from Aweber – they’re shutting down your account because your leads have been flagged as SPAM.

So you’re not only out few hundred bucks.

But you’ve also lost your asset – your entire list.


That’s the price you pay when you work with charlatans who sneak up on you on Facebook.

The same guys who build fake solo ad directories and advertise 12 different profiles on Udimi to give you a false sense of choice.

This isn’t made up by the way.

This actually happened to me.

And you know what I did?

I became extremely picky who I bought traffic from.

I looked for quality over price. For quality over speed. For quality over everything else that may seem important, but isn’t really.

And eventually I built one of the best databases in the industry.

My lists are prized for the results they deliver.

And I invite you to advertise your business with my lists risk-free.

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