Coach Paul Training 10B – 5 Secrets of Selling Traffic

Coach Paul Training 10B – 5 Secrets of Selling Traffic

How To Sell 1
“Active” Selling. Contrary to what other vendors do – you need to SELL.
Very-very important. Difference between not getting orders and staying booked for weeks.
Benefits. Scarcity. Call to action. They need to know that your stuff is the best one and that there’s limited supply of it (Igor’s #1 Strategy)
Nurturing, segmenting your list when you have a big list.
You treat this as a biz, not a hobby. Looking to form a long-term relationship with your clients.

How To Sell – 2
Ask questions, lead the conversation. Keep them engaged. “Close them“ Ask Questions Like:
“What offer would they like to promote?”
“What package size are they looking for?”
Never just send them to the page. Lead thru the whole process. Explain how everything works.
Treat them as VIP. Come from a position of being genuinely interested in their success. You need them to get results, not just to sell clicks.
“Connect” with them. Where they live, what do they do, etc? Relate to yourself.

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How To Sell – 3
LOTS of them are newbies. Not only would you need to make the whole purchase process smooth and easy for them to understand, but if you share value with them, become a genuinely interested authority, you’ll become their traffic-provider-of-choice for life.
Offer to review their squeeze, Sales page. Give advice how to structure their funnel, tech setup of their Autoresponder, etc. Remember you now know about traffic & conversions 10x more than 99% of your buyers. Educate and Coach them.
For bigger orders offer incentives (free done-for-them squeeze page, biz consultation, etc.)
Come up with pre-written templates (not robotic) to answer to their common question in detail or you can post Q/A in the Solo Ads website (remember to focus on benefits of your traffic)

How To Sell – 4
Make them feel Special. Make your service feel Special.
Can charge more for “special” packages. Reserve to mail a specific offer only for particular client
Mailing with their custom swipe. Mailing to a special portion of your list, targeted towards specific offer, etc.
Add value besides the clicks. This makes them come back to you.
If they ask for a discount – offer one in exchange for a testimonial. (Even better – a video one. You can then promote it on your FB wall). Try to not discount without reason.
Never secure a mailing spot without being paid for it

How To Sell – 5
When answering their questions, remember those questions you had yourself when buying solos. Answer them in a preemptive manner, when selling.
Qualify your customers. Don’t deal with them if you feel something weird going on (extremely rare cases).

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