Clickbanking and Swapping: Growing Your List Without Spending A Cent

Clickbanking & Swapping

Growing Your List Without Spending A Cent

Presented by Paul Fan

• The concept is simple: You find a swapping partner, agree on the amount of
clicks to exchange and send them just like a solo ad, expecting the same in
• You can send any type of clicks (funnel clicks, broadcasts, followups, quality
spillover, etc, just not exit clicks)
• Agree on terms and type of clicks you’re getting with your partner (keep your
interests in mind, mixed is the best option)
• Condition: You need to be able to deliver at least 100 clicks in the matter of 1-2
days. Alternative for smaller lists – clickbanking (explained further)

Essentially same as Swapping just without time constrain.
Example, you send 100 clicks over the course of few days or even 1-2 weeks (even if you can only deliver 10 clicks/day), and once 100 clicks are fully delivered, your partner returns them.
Need to agree on approx delivery timelines (try to deliver faster and understand when you’re going to get clicks back) and other terms (T1, etc) with the partner
Swapping & Clickbanking allows you to utilize ALL the traffic you generate even if you don’t manage to sell all of it and still make profits
Make sure to carefully analyze incoming traffic & capture the results including if there were any issues or delays

Benefits & Monetization
Getting clicks and building list without paying for traffic
Ability to generate momentum without serious investments. Testimonials, connections, etc.
Swapping & Clickbanking allow you to utilize & monetize ALL the traffic you generate even if you don’t manage to sell all of it
Example: If you know your clicks are worth $0.30-$0.50 cpc if you sell or monetize thru CPA, receiving a click from CB partner means you earned $0.30-$0.50
Extra revenue from incoming traffic

Finding CB & Swapping Partners
• Few good sources
• Personal recommendations
• Dedicated FB clickbanking/swapping groups (lots of them, new ones appear often. Search clickbanking, swaps in FB and look for those with most members + suggested groups)
• Vendors who are starting out. Normally they got small, fresh lists, responsive traffic and are willing to bank.
• Examine the testimonials just like when buying solos. Look for partners with high optin rates.40-50-60.
• If you decline someone, do it politely.

Swapping / CB Guidelines
Will require some research to find good and reliable partners. Create your own rolodex/master list of majority of vendors
Good news – partners will most likely be long-term. Helps establishing connections. Plus you can experiment here. Even bad runs won’t mean you lost money.
Agree on swapping/banking small amounts first (100-200). Then if their traffic is good, scale. For relatively new partners don’t send big amounts (300+) without getting clicks in return in the process.
Don’t swap with same people all the time. Need to have many multiple partners. Especially those you can hit up on short notice
Be testimonial-happy. Scratch my back, i’ll scratch yours type of community

Swapping / CB Guidelines – 2
If you’re getting good results from particular partners, look into setting
up long-term banking/swaps with them.

While you’re Clickbanking monitor the amount of clicks you can deliver
in 3 days straight. That’s the amount you can safely be selling.

Tip for selling solo ads: Having swapping partners will also help you
with the positioning for solo ad selling, when you tell them you can only
send in few days/week. “I’m booked 2-3 weeks in advance but will do my
best to get you in before” More on this in How to sell solos training.

Swapping / CB Guidelines – 3
Subscribe to your partners email lists with your “trash” email to have a never-ending source of email swipes. Take note also of their squeezes, sales pages, especially if they reported good results (take screenshots, etc.). You will later be able to analyze and use them.
Agree that you will both post testimonials AHEAD of the swap, collect them, take screenshots, etc.. Try to get as many VIDEO testimonials as possible.
Later on, even when you got a big list, lots of clients, and booked up, always have a significant portion of your daily click power dedicated for swaps & clickbanking. Will Allow you to keep your list fresh without the need to buy traffic.
Once you get a big enough list, consider doing T1-only (100% US, CA, NZ, AU, GB) swaps. This improves your overall list quality.

Tech Implementation
Swaps & Clickbanking is important. You can keep these links in same rotators as your Solo Ad clients’ links. Alternatively, if you like, you can create two separate rotators for outgoing solo ads and swaps/CB and manage traffic flow between the two.

Monitor the results you deliver, keep less links in your rotators if
partners complain on time of delivery, etc.



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