How to become ultimately successful?

How to become ultimately successful?

What is an ultimate success? My definition for that is that is something you do it the best and no one can do it better but you.

But how to achieve ultimate success? Lots of people talk about this, and most of them conclude that it is through the power of motivation. I disagree some of it. I think motivation is good but it still requires your undivided 100% will power to act on it, and the will power is not controllable and therefore, cannot depends on it entirely.

In fact, I believe the ultimate success is through the passion of what you do each day. The passion is generated automatically from the deep inside of your mind of who love it and what you want to do the best for the ultimate joy, freedom, peace of mind, enrichment of your soul. That is natural and won’t require your will power to activate according.

In order find out what your passion is, you must carefully exam your inner thought. You cannot skip this process or fake it, as your outer being is the exact reflection of your inner being.

You must find out what you really love to do if you don’t have to worry about if it is going to make you money or not. In fact, you have to totally trust your gut instinct in this and remove the money out of your equation here. It is like traveling back to the future and find out what your passion is when you were a child?

One better way is to ask yourself, do you have any role model when you were younger? What was your hero? What would something make you rebellion that you feel both fearing and exciting? Once you find them out, quickly write them down on a piece of paper.

For example, my top 3 list is like in this order:

Singer and writer

Computer and the Internet GiGi

Speaker and Writer

So far, my main 9 to 5 job is a computer system support engineer. Therefore, whatever I do not have to work, I compose songs and write blogs on the side. Eventually, when I am doing it better and better, I can gradually switch to the direction I want to go and that is an ultimate success because it makes you fulfill and happy.

If your main job is not listed in your passion list yet, then in order to be happy and fulfill, I recommend you spend the time doing what you love on the side and seriously think about changing your career in a careful planning on it

Passion is the energy that keeps you going without purposely to find the motivation or will power to do it.

Best Regards,

Paul Fan

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