9 Ways to overcome stress and frustration

9 Ways to overcome stress and frustration

We all have stress and frustration. The winner is the one who knows how to manage them.

Here are 9 ways I think that can overcome your current stress and frustration today.

1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. They are the stimulus for the stress.

2. Engage in physical activity. Jogging is my favorite, but you can do anything to engage physical activities.

3. Get more sleep. If you feel very tired in the morning and very awake in the night. You do not have a good sleep.

4. Try relaxation techniques. I love deep breathing. Meditation and Hypnosis. But whatever technique you do, please make sure you persist daily. 

5. Talk to someone. Talking is also refocus your attention and let the things that bother you go out.

6. Keep a stress diary. A good life journal should have stress diary.

7. Take control. Learn the way to find the solution and determine which task are most important.

8. Manage your time. Time manage comes from the main theme – your goal. Set your goal and manage your time wisely.

9. Don’t be a hero. You cannot do everything. Delegate or simply say ‘NO’ if needed.

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Talk to you tomorrow!

Paul Fan

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