8 Way to Boost Your Daily Energy

8 Way to Boost Your Daily Energy

Recently I research online for a strategy to increase energy and I compile some articles from Leo Babauta and others and I am sure you will benefit from my research. 

By the way, high energy is the way to over come procrastination and achieve goal faster. If you follow this idea, you will feel different starting right now.  

Of course, I will not including the idea of like, for example, ask someone putting a gun to your head or make your boss breathing down your back and etc, as those are negative motivation and is not what I am try to talk about today. I may talk about that later. 

(Note: if you are looking at a simple blue print which took very little time and effort Let me just show you what I mean)

1. Enough sleep. 

We need 7-8 hours sleep. Too short or too long will all make you feel tired. If you have trouble to sleep, turn off all electronic an hour before you sleep, or listen to software music, or try to visualize your past – your entire day – or your future – the goal you want to accomplish while in bed. I actually doing this and fall asleep in few minutes. 

2. Enough water. It is not coffee, but water gives you healthier energy. Water is the best way to wake you up. If you really need some caffeine, you can drink a little coffee with low or no sugar or green tea.

3. Exercise. Exercise generates the hormone you need for the day, and actually, make you more awake and energized. I prefer to go jogging after waking up. 

4. Good Breakfast:  Don’t drink coffee and a bagel. I think a good combination will be scrambled egg in a whole-grain tortilla, or oatmeal topped with nuts etc, you got the idea don’t you? 

5. Work in chunks: You can set your work between 60 and 90 minutes and then take 5 to 10 minutes break after each section. Most of us cannot stay focus after 90 minutes so it is great to get up and talk and take a walk during the break.

6. Medication. A nap with relaxing music or just close your eyes for 15-20 minutes will help you a lot especially if you do not have enough sleep last night. Medication will make your afternoon attention refresh. 

7. Take a Magnesium boost Add a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews to your daily diet. Whole grains and fish are good too. Protein and fiber make the good snack in the afternoon, for example, nuts, high-fiber cereal, hemp seeds, coconut, the dark chocolate chip will help your sugar boosted longer. Also, Vitamin B, Chia seed, and Vegetable Drink will help even more on boost your energy daily. 

8. Take a shower. If possible, take a hot shower to relieve the tension in your body and the cold shower can wake you up. 

Any questions, please contact Paul through skype ‘paulfannet’ or just email back and we will answer your questions. 

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P.S. Surprisingly, I found out this strategy had nothing to do with experience of even luck. This is what I discovered here.

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