7 Steps To Drop Shipping Success: eBay dropshipping


Hi, This is Paul today I am going to talk about an interesting topic regarding dropshipping especially eBay drop shipping. Either dropshipping, or focus on ebay dropshipping are not very important as you can do that in Amazon too, but to achieve the drop shipping success, you need thse 7 steps.  The title 7 Steps To Drop Shipping Success: eBay dropshipping says it all. As you know drop shipping is always available to some company from an American company, where they can basically ship the item directly to the customer. So basically or most likely seller on Ebay or in Amazon sell the item, get your place the order to the management of the company or accounting of the company and ship the item to the customer directly and collect the money. It’s good because they will ship the product if gets lost and if there is something regarding to the cost of the shipping, or it may not deliver they attending a lot of shipping every day,s o you can take the other chipper cost for the shipping.

So basically I compiled this 7 steps to dropshipping access. Dropshipping again is one of the way to outsources a product, they are so many different ways. You can do an upper charge on a retail, Quik list and so on. I just can talk on the dropshipping on today.

1. So Here the First one is, to try to Find the cheap dropshipping companies that can trust. Ok.. So a lot of it are doing this like FBA, Amazon FBA, alibaba, one problem With alipapa is you have to order a pith of a 20 to 40pounds of item or more to get the most chipper price. The most melfresh company, like Alibaba required that most you buy or both. The Aliexpress have different approach company.Some wholes saler theydropship the item to your customer once check and review are done. So that the great thing to look.

So if you live in the USA and you try to look for a dropship company you can go in salehoho. I can show you just very quikely, This is Alibaba and Aliexpress, and if you want some of the item one for example, may be the Vacuum Cleaners the automatic mobile cleaner or anything like that. Now you can see that if want you to see the minimun price is 1 piece price, some of the day actually is one set price, then most of the day a box, is 1 set like that 2,000 or 1,000 as you can see.

Aliexpress is a you know if you can look at the item to research the item like that they dont have something like i said , 1,000 2000 like that and see this you can see, they like this yah ok here official store. Ok this is there website, ok aliexpress using. If you a part of the item that in the US you can go to the same result you can also some research some item just like aliexpress this ca time i also come time in here in the US base company. Dont worry about tour this website is lot to prepare this is not a free website it a $67 per year. Am so that a different kind of pages which you can research on dropshipping company upportunity. I mean let talk about the cathegory item in dropshipping some of the item.

2. Go through the catalog of the site, for each dropshipping (Some may require you to sign up for an account. or ask you for your online store URL/ website, you can create a quick ecommerce website trough shopify for example. this is how you actually brows the catalog. Ok. This is somehow you be able to ask some and you contact them then show the website. The only item that which is a were price over $30 and were a price is significantly lower($20+) than their in counterparts other wise that we can make a profits. It just take it simple in this case. Were selling well in ebay it personally look low items that are selling at least one unit a week. and they are a parking for you actually you’ll be able to give to you, at least.

3. And List the item on ebay. I talk about that is very simple with. But this in 4 and 5 very simple

4. Pick the right keywords for the listing. and we hve another video for something lilke that.

5. Write a description, enticing product title and put as manu big clear images as possible. And simple if you want to listing in some site in 2000 as well, the only problem in dropshipping is if you drop in aliexpress you propobly can end up with the amazon. In Amazon actually you be able to ship the item fast for us the item its prefer for is already with US so it can only ship inside the US that takes 2 to 3 days. If you ship the item from faster company which you also see the only way even been it ship by air you have to take it by 1week so it wont work for amazon, it will work for ebay it perfectly. That’s the 5th key to drop shipping success.

6. Why Advertise through Facebook. It just like your advertise in anything just advertise you can just put all their and thinking imaging, hopefully you can sell. So atleast you can pick up right product have great great keyword and the item is more fun. While sooner Or later you can do good adverticing or Something i can do is google at product catalog that you know i can seach google and scan bout that. and im not very depend in to the fbc or paper tape for the google. On My Facebook because a if you sell the item like something for female you can actually have your focus express. A machine came in a company in a google it can chat everybody. you know just try a group of person to a people.

7. Make the payment to the dropshipping companies to ship the items to the customer directly. Once you recieve a payment from people all the way from ebay and they you can make a paper from adoption company and ship the item to the customer directly.

So Thats my 7 step to Drop Shipping Success just you might know and hopefully that mite helpful and write in talk about in detail about the obviously we can fix by the simple client and this is open. I hope your success on your online business, And all possible you can make some money for you. You can make Start couple money for you even for a couple of $100 a month by two just starting. Once you become precious and make a couple of hundred dollars thousand in the increase. So simple with business cycles. and you know you can build your own subscriber like ebook you know advertising your blog or video to provide the value content.. but anyway all you have to do is do not give up just keep doing and do not just be lazy you have to be keep going.Don’t think of becoming lazy. Like you can do what you have to make it a must if you think about something that you must think it a must, kind of that if gonna change you right. So if you have something like that. Like Im always pay my day, i put my pay i always pay my bill. Who ever I went to some seminar I have this fancy planer it obviously, I’ve been using this for a while ok you can do this, but obviously you can put a paper for the time management. what im saying is. once you playing thing you’ll be able to.. you know mentally and physical straight to plan your day and you can do it. .. ok listen to a video watch and never into it about the research you put it into a frame time frame to go does not that do list is like more like the outcome, and base of what kind of list of for cast what kind of list you can have chipper outcome may.. That what actually helping get the result fast. Thank you for watching this video this is Paul Fan have a bright day God Bless you bye bye.

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