5 steps to receive the money you want to earn – If you don’t have money you should read this 30 days challenges

5 steps to receive the money you want to earn – If you don’t have money you should read this – 30 days challenges

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Without further saying, here are the 5 steps:

1. You need to decide what amount of money you want. This is not a promoting of wishful thinking. I want you to really concentrate on fixing your mind to the exact amount of money you want. Don’t just say “I want to some/plenty/good/a lot of money”. Please to make sure to definite the exact account of money you want to earn. There is a psychology of doing this.  It is to help you sync your conscious mind and your subconscious mind and make your subconscious mind to accept the result as well. Without the exact account you want, your subconscious mind cannot be your auto pilot to guide you to the destination you want.

2. Find out the task you need to do in order to provide your service, offer value to other and create winner’s advantage and etc for others. This is important. All money you receive representing the service you performed for others. The better you do it, the more you receive it either now or sometime later with God intention to delay if needed for your best interest. You must have faith in this concept. There is no way that you don’t want to provide any values to others and intend to receive any reward. Know what you are going to serve and write those actions down, and do it step by step, or put them on your calendar do it according to the schedule is the secret of success.

3. A goal without a deadline is like a wishful thinking or day dreaming. Once you decide the amount of money you want to make, say this month, and what kind of service you are going to provided discussed in the previous step. The 3rd step is to give it a deadline so your money making goal can become possible, and real. This will also give you an unseen pressure to yourself, so it will motivate you through out the course.

4. Write step 1,2,3 into a sentence like this “I, Paul Fan, had decided to make $10,000 at the end of Sep 2017 at 12:00 PM, by providing great information, value and strategies of making income online to my subscribers, and coach students to help them enriched, educated, performed, and better their life” Then write this down on a piece of paper and read it aloud 3 times day – morning, noon and night and visualized it, and really felt that you had achieved it. The feeling part is important as you must emotional experiences your success before it can come real. This is also described in many law of attraction articles so I won’t say too much about it here. Remember, you must do it in this way and in this order or what you want won’t sink into your subconscious  mind, which is to help you break the bad habit, to take action and to achieve your ultimate goal. In addition, write this goal down at the piece of paper, at least once every day, or before you go to sleep; review it and change it if necessary.

5. Finally, maybe the easiest but most of us think it is the most difficult part of the 5 steps is to prioritize your actions, and do it one by one. Don’t try the short cut. Don’t try to cheat.  Just schedule your task and do it every day whatever it will take that day to complete as many tasks, on your list, as possible. Be positive and don’t give up and you will make it at the end of 30 days or whatever period of your goal you set for yourself. 

Please let me know your result after the 30 days challenges, and if you achieve your goals, celebrate it and let me know and I will give you a gift. If you do not achieve your goal, review your goal and set a new goal, that’s it. Don’t be discourage. You may set your goal too high or too low. But be sure this is the goal that makes you wake up early and sleep late. If this is not the goal that excites you, and at the same time give you a piece of mind, you might have a wrong goal.

It is okay to change your goal daily just like the auto pilot system needs to correct the course of the flight, so you will reach your destination.


Best Regards,

Paul Fan

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