5 reasons that we failed financially

5 reasons that we failed financially even though we have proven system and step-by-step plan to help you succeed.

Paul Fan

1. We do not monitor our financial regularly. If you know what a professional athlete does, you will know what I mean. For example, if an athlete is over weight just says 1 pound, he or she will do all sort of things to lower the weight to the idea one. But when we do things in regards to finance, we don’t perform that way. We then allow financial ruin to continue in our life. That’s just wrong. We must continuously monitor our financial situation by budgeting, by knowing our income and expenses and by persistence.

2. We do not have effective strategy and mindset. If you ever try to model some of the success people, you will find that they all have an effective strategy. For example, I found many success people treat financial success like a game so they love what they do. They are like a hunter to catch the animal. But then they treat it as a pet. They take care of it. The bottom line is to make it fun. Their goal to have a financial plan allows them to earn income while they sleep.

3. We have a financial complacent. We easily to get satisfied. Bible says those who have more tend to work harder and eventually get more.

4. We allow financial success to turn into a financial ruin.

5. We are negative about financial success. Money is a root of all evil is wrong. The Love of Money is a root of all evil.

What is your financial abundance definition?  Have you made it as Must or something it is okay to have it?

My recommendation is to write down at least 3 ideas to increase your income every day for the next 1 week.

Here is one of the idea you may want to look. 

Train your brain to be aware of the financial opportunity resound you.



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