4 Steps to overcome problem and obstacle in life

How to overcome problem and obstacle in life?

In life, there are obstacles arose daily and that is the way of life.

I just want to share what I would do when I facing problems

and obstacles every single day of my daily life

1. You must stay positive: When you have the problem, 

the most important thing is to tell yourself to stay positive.

You know when an obstacle comes, it only impacts one area of life

mostly, and I know it is ok to be sad, and angry.

But that is not going to help you. Isn’t it? 

Take charge and stay positive and don’t lose hope 

and know you still have others to be with you

It is not end of the world

Even if it is, you still can think about who love you and care you


Stay positive is very important. Or our human nature will default

us to be negative and that will cause us to tremble even more

Like a snow ball effect … and you don’t want that – so stay positive.

2. You must not surrender: Just remember What make Tomas Edison

and all others that known to us through out the history.

Isn’t it the skill of cultivating the habit of never surrender that 

makes them shine?

3. You must take immediate actions:  Find the new solution. 

Most of them you know it. Then just do it. 

It is my belief that if God closes one door in front of us, it is 

because he wants you to open another door somewhere else.

You must realize that now you have more experiences

You are better yet for those never have any obstacles

You have learned the mistakes and you know more now.

It should be the time to brain storm all other alternatives 

and take massive actions on all new solutions.

4. You must review your actions and goals: After massive actions, 

then review goals and check if these goals align with you believe 

and your value? If the action creates any result? 

If it does, take more actions. If it does not, take the different action.

The point is that you need to set goals and take effective action.

Especially when you are facing problems and obstacles.

The goals are like an auto pilot system to help you in right direction.

If your direction is wrong, no matter what action you take, you still fail.

If your direction is correct, even a little action will bring you there.

Therefore, your goal should be smart, measurable, attainable, 

realistic and timely (SMART).

and Therefore, the progress can be traceable and measurable.

That is the only way I know to overcome obstacles. 

If you just willing to abide by these 4 steps.

Best Regards,


P.S. If you are still not sure what action you should take. This is a solution that may help you. 


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