3 secret to make your life 10x better

Life Lesson 1: Unknown has its beauty

Why won’t God just tell us everything in advance so we can anticipate our life and make it great? Well, actually unknown has its beauty. Here is what I think about every day.

Unknown: Because there is an unknown of tomorrow or next month or next year, so we have a dream. This dream, if put it in writing, it is our goal tomorrow.

Dream: Because we have a Dream and converted to a written down the goal, we have a Passion for what we are going to do at present time and busy enough not to worry about the future; because we know future is created by the present time. The Dream, therefore, turn in to the Passion.

Passion: Because we have Passion, we have the energy to push our limit to push like 10x harder to accomplish one set of our dream and more.

Life Lesson 2: 10x rule

To accomplish the goal is not just about doing it. Just do it will not help you to reach your goal, well, many times at least. It is Do it with 10x harder to ensure you reach your goal every single time.

The book 10X rule talk about working hard and concentrate your focus and energy on the set goals. Grant Cardone, the author of the 10x rule, says most of your life, you only reach your goal by 10% because you are not working hard enough. To reach 100% of your goal, is in the situation when you work 10x harder and you push your limit and do your super best acts. It is because there are so many ‘unexpected’ things happen that can stop you from reaching your goal before the deadline, and in order to overcome them, you just need to work 10 times harder than anyone else. That creates the 1% of today’s most successful people.

Life Lesson 3: Failure is part of life and you should be exciting about it

Don’t worry about the setback or ‘failure’ I should say. The failure is temporally so the success. If you look at the stock market chart or housing market chart or whatever chart over a long period of time. You will see the trending is going up, naturaly; over a period of a long time. However, during this time there are some major or small setbacks and some major and small gains.

If you just look up the Dow Jones – 100 Year Historical Chart as follow:


You can see over the 100 years, there are numerous down and ups. I think that as a representation of a life. You have the failure and success in life. Over the 100 years, if you have the goal, you will succeed regardless you have down or up; or some major setbacks in life. That is what life is about. According to the Rocky IV in the movie, he said life is about getting hit and stand up again and again. As long as you stand up, you will have a chance and as long as you have a goal, and never give up, you will succeed. Failure is just a part of life so is the success and combine them, that is your life. Life is not a practice run, it is not a rehearsal, it is real, it is Now, so what is your dream and passion? Do it now!!  

Best Regards,

Paul Fan

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