3 important things to do to accomplish your goals

According to Ramit Sethi, he has a very good 3 steps to improve quality of your life

Step 1: Plan for failure

Successful people aren’t luckier than most people. But they do try more things, and they’re willing to fail.

For example, my good friend Tim Ferriss was rejected 26 times before a publisher finally accepted his idea for The 4-Hour Workweek (that later became a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller).

Almost anyone who’s been successful has a similar story of failure before triumph.

But the difference between average and top performers is that average people are blindsided by failure and give up when it strikes.

Top performers, on the other hand, actively seek out failure because they know success is on the other side.

I was trying to form a gym habit. I’d get up in the morning planning to go, but after a few minutes decide not to. I discovered that if I put my gym clothes and my shoes next to my bed, I would put them on first thing and by that point, I “might as well” just go.

Step 2: Put it on your calendar

Imagine playing in a basketball game against LeBron James. We have the best shoes, the most expensive pair of athletics shorts, a fancy headband, and the greatest jersey in the world. And he has no shoes, ripped shorts, and a dress shirt. Who would win?

It sounds ridiculous but we play this same game against motivation every day.

The tools don’t matter as much as we think.

But usually, the fundamentals — things like a simple calendar, pen and paper — work as well if not better than some app.

  • Decide ahead of time and map out your schedule for the week either on paper or in a simple calendar system.
  • Set an alert in your calendar or on your phone to review this every week. Keep thinking ahead and you’ll never be caught off guard or pressed for time.
Step 3: Develop laser-guided focus

In the video above, BJ Fogg talks about “competing motivations” — sometimes even our best efforts are thwarted because something else comes along.

Sometimes these are external distractions: an emergency comes up, we have family demands, and work gets busy.

But, just as often, we cannibalize one goal by shifting focus to another. The result? We don’t make much progress on either.

Developing FOCUS and being able to put some ideas on hold is a skill that almost guarantees we make progress on what matters.



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