10 Steps to overcome obstacles part 2 of 2

10 Steps to overcome obstacles part 2 of 2

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6. Consider the alternative solution. Once you know your obstacles, take a break to think about of any alternative paths that can reach your goals.

Is there a way to avoid the obstacle and achieve your goal. This is not a short cut cheating plan, but an alternative way, and maybe an even harder way, that you should try and things that you can take action now to reach your goal.

For example, you can brainstorm a list of task that you can take alternative actions, maybe you can get your email send out with the self-hosted servers,

or install and dedicated server to send the email for you. Ask someone who already achieves the goal and asks for their suggestion.

7. Track your progress. It is very important to keep track of the progress.

For example: Keep a journal or chart to track your progress and make sure you record the milestone and reward yourself in every step of the things that you’ve accomplished.

8. Break the bad habits. A bad habit is a sure fire for failure to achieve the goal. Overcome it by creating a new good habit to replace it.

9. Visualize your goal. When you feel discouraged, close your eyes and imagine you have overcome all your obstacle. Remind yourself frequently that how much hard work and sacrifices you have done for it.

Think about that in the end, it will all be worth it when you overcome the last obstacle.

10. Grow your problem-solving skills. Try to be the more analytic approach toward solving the problem, instead of using your gut instant.

For example:

Cost-benefit analysis: Write down what you would gain and lose from this decision. Decide if the benefit is worth your investment.

Worst case scenario: If you try something and it failed completely, then come up with Plan B, Plan C, and etc to backup the original plan.

One at the time: Write down all your obstacle one by one and treat each as a separate problem instead as a whole, Then solve each problem individually.

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